Oklahoma Council of the Blind

2013 Annual Conference and Convention

September 20-22, 2013

Wyndham Gardens Hotel

2101 S. Meridian

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma



"Letís Make A Deal" Convention Information

By Julie Brantley, 2013 Conference and Convention Chair


"Come on Down" to the 2013 Conference and Convention of the Oklahoma Council of the Blind because boy, do we have a DEAL for YOU.

                     When:  September 20-22, 2013

                     Where:  Wyndham Garden Oklahoma City Airport, 2101 S. Meridian Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK

       How:  By making your early reservations by September 10, 2013. You can call either 1-800-622-7666 or (405) 685-4000 and be sure and say you are with the Oklahoma Council of the Blind. Room rates are $81 per night plus $13.875% tax. This is for double or king, 1 to 4 people to a room.

       "Now Which Door Will You Choose?"  We have four that will lead you to "Development, Empowerment, Advocacy and Leadership."

       Friday there will be a dynamic seminar on Employment.  What employers want, what counselors want and need to know, and what we as consumers need to know to obtain those great jobs with cool benefits. We will be hearing from Melanie Brunson, American Council of the Blind CEO, Doug Ross, former VS Contracted Employment Specialist, Bobby Lakey, Successfully employed consumer and former Vocational Rehabilitation counselor in Texas and many others. We will be treated to a great lunch where we can network with DRS counselors and staff, OCB members and other interested people.

       Registration for the Friday seminar is $50 if you plan to only attend this event. The cost to attend the Friday seminar and the rest of the Convention is $100. If you plan to attend the convention after the seminar, the registration cost is $80.  Why not make plans to attend the entire three days for only $100, which includes six meals!

       After a full day of work on Friday, we will be treated to a Pizza and salad dinner provided by the Heartland Council of the Blind and then a full night of entertainment which is behind door #5 which you will have to come and choose.

Saturday Doors consist of updates from:

       The New DRS Director or the Interim Director

       The new Division of Visual Services Administrator or Acting Division Administrator Paul Adams

       Business Enterprise Program (BEP) by Mike Hamrick, Program Manager

       National Deaf blind Equipment Distribution Program by Jeri Cooper

       Oklahoma School for the Blind by Superintendent James Adams

       Oklahoma Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped by Kevin Treese, Program Manager

       VIST & VA Low Vision Clinic by John Laakman

       Newview Oklahoma by Thomas Larson

       OCB-HCB-TCB-Muskogee by current presidents.


Additional activities for the weekend:

       Special exhibitors! Come and see our exhibitors on Saturday.  We'll have tables ranging from personal items to big techie stuff! Smell good stuff and pretty dangles! Adaptive equipment to non-adaptive equipment. Resources to information to education to everyday needs! It's all going to be there waiting for you.

                     A chance to add your input to important OCB resolutions and Constitution and Bylaws changes.

       A nondenominational service preceding the Councilís annual business meeting on Sunday.

       And all weekend those who are registered will be eligible to choose a door behind which will be a variety of prizes.


2013 Auction Items


Official OSU purse

Solid black satchel style purse with OSU orange stitching.This purse is approximately 6 inches long by approximately 6 inches tall.This purse has one solid strap that extends along each side of the purse.The closure on the purse is a tab that is attached from the back of the purse and Velcroís closed over the top of the front.Also on the front is the OSU logo embroidered on an outer pocket.The inside of the purse is lined in OSU orange felt.There is an inner pocket that has a standard silver zipper.Below the zipper to the left is a slot that a pen, lip-gloss etc. could be cradled in.To the right of that slot is an open pouch that a cell phone, notepad etc. could be held in.


Official OU Sooners purse

Vinyl cream colored purse approximately 12-14 inches long with two rope handles knotted at the ends to keep the handles in place.The design of the purse resembles a classified ad section from OU Daily student newspaper.There are OU classified ads scattered on the exterior of the purse including a football schedule and OU football helmet on one side and a printed photograph of a schooner amongst classifieds on the other side.

There is a sturdy wide sooner red zipper with a clear and black rubber zipper pull attached.The inside of the purse is lined with black fabric that has the design of the zipper pull in white on the black background.Also on the inside is an inner zipper section with a silver standard zipper pull also lined with the black fabric with the design of the zipper pull in white on the black background.


Gold tone Fashion Bracelet

Approximately 8 inch golden fashion bracelet featuring eight large chain link style of interlocking links to form the bracelet.The closure features two small loop links on one end with a straight bar on the other end that fit through the end loop in order to close the bracelet.


Rocking in the 50ís       

Trip down memory lane with the following items.

Items from Popís in Arcadia

Wood soda crate with a handle

a variety of 6 different sodas

A Popís magnetic bottle opener shaped like the Popís bottle

A Popís cozy to hold your soda

Other items include

A CD featuring 1958 music

A great box of Retro candyÖ. All featured during the 50ís


Cross Description:

Ivory cross approximately 8 inches tall by 4 inches across trimmed in pearl white with pearl white vine work accents.At the center of the cross is the scripture from Ephesians 5:2 Live a life Filled With Love.On each side of the scripture is one man and one woman joining hands at the top and touching toes at the bottom, forming a heart around the scripture.This cross can either be displayed on a table or it can be hung on a wall.



Sleek, tuxedo black and white voice controlled talking alarm clock with a natural language processor. With Ivee the user can give voice commands including Hello ivee to awaken the listening feature.The user can also speak other commands including time, todayís date, temperature, set two alarms, sleep sounds and a host of other commands.


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